The Viking View is always looking for writers! We traditionally only published 3 times each year because we collected articles into issues. However, our transition online enables us to publish articles as we receive them, and thus you are welcome to submit an article at any time during the year.

The process for getting your article on our website is simple! You only need to follow a couple steps:

Step 1:

Send us a topic proposal of a few sentences. You may write about anything, although we encourage school-related content as we are a school newspaper after all! Send your proposal to our email bns.newspaper@gmail.com. We will approve your proposal as long as it is school-appropriate and does not overlap with another article.

Step 2:

We will respond to your proposal ASAP through email, and once approved, you may start writing! Send your full article of 300-1000 words to our email. Include your NAME, GRADE, and a TITLE in your email. You may also include a picture in the email to be placed alongside your article if you wish. You can paste your entire article into the email, send a file, or link us to another document.

Step 3:

We will revise your article for grammar and basic syntax. If there are issues with the content, we will contact you.

Step 4:

That's it! After a final review by our awesome club advisor Mr. Roberts, we'll place your article on our website!